About Advantage Solicitors

At Advantage Solicitors believe that we are a people firm; we like to help people just like you to obtain legal & professional assistance at the same time as being comfortable and knowing that we will ensure you understand what to expect from us and the service you require from day one.

Our Story

Advantage Solicitors was a decision to form a law practice that can serve every day people with easy accessibility just like that of a retail store. You can walk into a corner shop or a supermarket and make a purchase of everyday or specialty items; similarly, at Advantage Solicitors, you can walk in and obtain legal and professional advice. You may have a simple need such as a name change, a statutory declaration or perhaps you require a will. You may also have been involved in an accident or injury and you need free professional advice or something more complicated and personal such as a family matter; feel free to know you can walk right in and ask for what you need.

Our Promise

Advantage Solicitors promises you a high level of service and extreme confidentiality when dealing with your matter. We will always explain to you what to expect from us and the legal process at the beginning of any matter. We will always provide you with our terms and conditions and advise you of any fees payable before you start your matter. The Personal Injury matters are run on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis, so you don’t have to worry if you lose your case. You can be rest assured that the prospect of success / probable outcome will be advised to you by an expert at the beginning of your case or matter.

Our Staff

Our friendly and professional workforce includes diverse cultures and languages to assist our client base effectively and ensures communication is never an issue. Backgrounds and languages include;

  • English
  • Turkish
  • Kurdish
  • Greek
  • Bulgarian
  • Bengali
  • Urdu
  • Gujrati
  • Cantonese

Whichever language you speak, know that Advantage Solicitors will deliver you the highest standard of service and ensure you understand the process and position of your matter.

Partners & Managers

-Fidan Osoy

Director, Senior Partner
& Solicitor

Maria Pilikos

Partner & Solicitor

Huseyin Osoy


-Ali Osoy


-Ismail Mayat

HR & Operations Manager

-Andreas Andreou (Andy)

Litigation Manager &