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How many times have you sat at home and said to yourself I really must make a Will? Making a Will is the only certain way to ensure that your spouse, partner and/or children inherit what you want. If you die without having made a Will, the intestacy rules apply. In some cases this may lead to your spouse having to share your estate with relatives e.g. brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles.

Further, at present the intestacy rules do not recognise unmarried couples. If you live with your partner and you die without having made a Will, your partner will not automatically inherit any of your estate. The estate will pass to your surviving family i.e. children, parents, brothers and sisters.

It is therefore important you make a Will so you decide to whom you want to leave your estate to. The Will can include details about burial, cremation, leaving property, money to loved ones, jewellery and chattels.

Very importantly you can state whom you would want to care for your children under the age of eighteen years if your partner/spouse and you pass away. This is important as without such a provision your wishes and feelings may not be known.


Here at Advantage Solicitors we can help. All it takes is one meeting for us to take your instructions about what you want to put in your Will, us drafting it, sending it to you to approve and then signing it.

It really does not take very long and it is probably cheaper than you think. A qualified Solicitor will draft your Will for £150 plus VAT and if there are two of you e.g. husband and wife the cost is £250 plus VAT. These are fixed fees, you pay one price and that’s it.

For more information about Wills or to make an appointment give us a call.

Powers of Attorney


Very unfortunately there may come a time in your life when you are unable to make decisions about your finances and health. This is normally due to a lack of mental capacity because of an injury or condition such as dementia or a stroke. A Power of Attorney allows someone to make decisions on your behalf, should there come a time when you are unable to do so.

In order to allow someone to make decisions on your behalf you must give them a Power of Attorney. You can only enter into a Power of Attorney if you have the mental capacity to do so. It therefore acts like an insurance policy and should only be used once you are unable to make decisions for yourself.

Types of Powers of Attorney

There are two types of Powers of Attorney.

  • Property and Financial Affairs - this covers decisions about your property and money.
  • Personal Welfare - this covers decisions about your healthcare and personal welfare.

It is important that you appoint people you trust to deal with your affairs and if you can it is a good idea to appoint more than one person.

Here at Advantage Solicitors we are able to meet with you take your instructions about entering into a Power of Attorney. We are able to draft all of the forms for you, go through them with you to ensure that you fully understand the content. We will also register the Power of Attorney for you at the Office of Public Guardian.

We offer a fixed fee price, for one power of attorney the cost is £499 plus VAT and for two the cost is £750 plus VAT.


If you therefore wish to enter into a Power of Attorney please contact us and we will make an appointment to meet with you.

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